Courchevel Pyrotechnics Arts Festival

A celebration of skiing, fireworks and food!
In a distinctive and enchanting festival unlike any other, the Pyrotechnic Arts Festival in Courchevel, France, brings together skiing, fireworks and food. Pyrotechnic artists from different countries all over the world come together to compete in one of the most beautiful shows of its kind.

Courchevel is a beautiful village nested in the Alps, known for its skiing, snowboarding and of course dog sledging! Each year, over 8000 spectators come to watch the fireworks. The festival begins at 16.00 with street performances in the snow, and the celebrations continue until the main firework show starts at 19.00, with a different team leading each evening's proceedings.

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Getting to Courchevel Pyrotechnics Arts Festival by train

Just 35 minutes away from Courchevel is Moutiers train station, which is the fastest way to get there. Trains from Paris to Moutiers depart from Paris's Gare de Lyon and take between four and six hours.

Transport connections near to Courchevel Pyrotechnics Arts Festival

Le Praz Transport: Various 0.9 km
Saint-Bon-Tarentaise Transport: Various 1.5 km
Courchevel Saint Bon Transport: Various 1.5 km

Visitor information table

Address73120 Courchevel, France
Telephone+33 (0) 479 08 00 29
Dates February to March

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