Bayreuth, Germany

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Local languageGerman
Country Germany


Chances are you will have heard of the Bayreuth Festival, the famous operatic event that honours composer Richard Wagner once a year. Wagner lived in Bayreuth for over a decade until his death, and his former home is now the Richard Wagner Museum (at the time of writing this was closed for renovation).

Culture has long been important to Bayreuth, and the Margravial Opera House is the town’s most precious gem. Completed in 1748, it is a UNESCO Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe. Dotted around the town you’ll find museums for every subject you can think of, from the Little Poster Museum to the Bayreuth Football Museum, with others dedicated to freemasonry, German typewriters, tobacco and porcelain.

To get a glimpse into Bayreuth’s royal past, visit the 18th century New Palace and the Old Palace with its orangerie.