Braunschweig, Germany

Rail Guide to Braunschweig


The sheer number of historical buildings in Braunschweig (anglicized as Brunswick) make it clear that this was once an important hub of commerce for central Europe. It was the noble Guelph family who based themselves here in the 11th century, and as their influence grew so did the prosperity of the town. Many of Braunschweig’s sights date back to the Middle Ages, and include cathedrals, half-timbered houses and gothic castles; the Magni district is where most are located. One of the most recent is the Ducal Palace, originally created in the 1830s for a more recent generation of Guelphs but destroyed during the war (the existing palace is a faithful reproduction). Next to the palace you’ll find the main shopping area and a variety of restaurants, don’t pass up the change to try local specialities like the Braunschweiger sausage and syrupy Mumme beer.