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Local languageGerman
Country Germany


Not many places can claim to be of interest to both budding scientists and keen sailors (if any), but Bremen is one of them. It’s home to many of Germany’s scientific research institutions as well as the headquarters of global food manufacturers like Kraft and Kellogg’s. For most visitors though it is Botanika, the botanical gardens, and Bremen Ethnological Museum, which has exhibits on animals and flora from far flung locations around the world, which are perhaps amongst the pick of the sites. There's also the Astrium which lets you experience what it’s like to be in space with no gravity, and down by the river Weser you can explore Bremen’s maritime past by popping into a former captain’s house, admiring old ships or cruising along the water.

The Brothers’ Grimm also made the town famous when it featured as the setting for their fairytale ‘The Bremen Town Musicians’. The tale features a donkey, dog, cat and rooster heading to the town to become musicians, and there are sculptures of the protagonists dotted around as constant reminders.