Celle, Germany

Rail Guide to Celle


You can talk to the lamp posts in Celle without anyone thinking you’ve gone mad. Or at least they can talk to you, as they’re fitted with motion sensors that trigger them to start relaying facts and figures when people walk past. They’re placed outside HoppenerHaus, a 16th century gabled, timber-framed building decorated with carvings of gods, animals and mythical creatures. It was built by Edward the Confessor as a gift for his finance minister.

There are lots of other examples of period architecture (though sadly, no more talking objects). The ducal palace, on the banks of the river Aller, was originally built in 1530, although extensions through the years mean it has a mixture of Renaissance and Baroque features now. It’s currently home to the Residence Museum and the theatre. If you happen to visit around Christmas time don’t miss the month-long market, which has a 10 metre Christmas tree and a children’s railway aside from stalls selling seasonal treats.