Cochem, Germany

Rail Guide to Cochem


Cochem could well be Germany’s most romantic town. Aside from the Moselle Valley’s vineyards and lush forest, the winding streets and medieval remains of the town itself, the Reichsburg castle with its towers and steeples sits high up on a hill overlooking the goings-on of the town. It’s still surrounded by its medieval fort, and depending on where you stand within the castle grounds you’ll get a different panoramic view of the area; it’s little wonder many couples choose to get married here.

Back in the town centre there are plenty more gems: the baroque town hall, the market square surrounded by gabled houses, and an old Capuchin monastery that is now the cultural centre. You can also hike through the valley and take a tour of the vineyards; every June Moselle Wine Week takes place, where around 300 local wines are showcased.