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Located in south-western Germany, Darmstadt benefits from its proximity to business capital Frankfurt in terms of its transport infrastructure. Frankfurt's International Airport is one of Europe's busiest and lies just 20km from central Darmstadt, making international connections very convenient. As well as this,

the city's modern tram system with nine lines, and a local bus service serving all parts of the city fall under the remit of the Frankfurt Metropolitan Area's authority and provide good connections to Frankfurt itself.

Darmstadt is also well connected in terms of roads; the A5 and A67 motorways connect the city to most other major destinations and alongside this are the main roads including the Bundesstra├če 26 which runs east-west, and the the Bundesstra├če 3 running north-south. Only the more rural areas lying to the east of Darmstadt are not immediately accessibly by the main road infrastructure, although using secondary roads there is also no problem in reaching them.

Major Rail Stations in Darmstadt

Germany rail map showing Darmstadt

Germany rail map showing Darmstadt
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