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Local languageGerman
Country Germany


A popular German city, Dortmund is located in the Bundesland of North Rhine-Westphalia. The population of this city is nearly 600,000 making it the 34th largest European city and the 7th largest in Germany.

Dortmund has been built around the Ruhr River, which has largely shaped the way in which this city has developed, over the years. As well as the river, Dortmund is also home to the largest European canal port which links the city with the North Sea.

The city dates back to 100 AD, but at that time it was nothing more than a small village. It wasn’t until 1220 that Dortmund became a city and a century later the name ‘Dorpmunde’ was adopted.

Today, the city is going from strength to strength and is widely recognised as a centre for all the main hi-tech industries.

Things to do

There is no limit to the huge number of attractions available for visitors to Dortmund city centre and the surrounding areas. Despite being heavily destroyed during the Second World War, the central part of the city still retains its mediaeval feel, while modern ring road follows the line of the old city wall.

The Reinoldikirche is one of the oldest churches in the region dating back, in its current form, to the 13th century. This church is famous for its beautiful wooden altar complete with 633 gilt carved oak figures.

There are also several moated castles within the municipality that are steeped in history and are well worth a visit. Other attractions of note include the soccer ground of Dortmund at Signal Iduna Park, the RWE Tower and the Opera House.

Local transport

Dortmund Airport is located less than 15 kilometres outside the city centre and is one of the most popular routes for visitors to the city. Although, the train station in the centre of the city does not attract the same volume of travellers as the airport it, remains, nevertheless, the third largest in terms of long-distance travel in Germany.

In the centre of Dortmund, the main form of public transport is the Stadtbahn, although there is also an efficient bus system and a light rail line which is currently in the process of being developed. There are also extremely good road links both within the city and with other cities in the vicinity, making driving reasonably hassle-free.

Recommended places and events to visit in Dortmund

Visitor Attraction
Westfalenpark Dortmund An der Buschmühle 3, 44139 Dortmund
Event (During July)
Juicy Beats Westfalen Park, Dortmund