Düsseldorf, Germany

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Local languageGerman
Country Germany


Busy Düsseldorf is known for its nightlife and culture. The capital of the Ruhr region, Düsseldorf's population grew during the Industrial Revolution and continues to thrive despite the sector’s decline. Over the years Düsseldorf has spawned writers Heinrich Heinne and Goethe, as well as electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk, as such art and music are very important aspects of life in the city. The Film Museum, Goethe Museum, over a hundred galleries and numerous night clubs and live music venues keep locals and visitors entertained throughout the year.

In terms of architecture it’s a modern city, with Gehry high rises and the steel and glass State Parliament building. Among the older constructions the most popular is perhaps the magnificent Schloss Benrath, a palace built in the 18th century.