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Lying approximately 20km due north of state capital Duesseldorf, Duisburg has always been an important town and then city for trade purposes; with Roman origins and then lying on the "Hellweg" trading route during medieval trade routes, it's importance has long been apparent. Nowadays it is one of the largest inland ports in the world and as such is clearly very well connected to the world by river, whilst its close proximity to Duesseldorf airport and the national road network, mean that those forms of transport are all very efficient.

It's importance as a trade and industrial centre has guaranteed it an efficient rail transport system, and inhabitants of Duisburg now reap the rewards of this in the form of incredibly comprehensive services. InterCityExpress (ICE) services amount to nearly one every 5 minutes, largely en route to Muenchen from Dortmund, but also services to Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Basel and Frankfurt.

Major Rail Stations in Duisburg

Germany rail map showing Duisburg

Germany rail map showing Duisburg
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