Flensburg, Germany

Rail Guide to Flensburg


Unlikely as it may seem for a town on the German-Danish border, the sandy beach at Flensburg is a very popular destination. Bathed by the Baltic sea, you can swim in the sea or just use the barbecue facilities. The town was once an important hub of trade thanks to the port, and ships routinely arrived from the Caribbean carrying sugar. In the 18th century there were several rum distilleries here, although now only one remains; the town also brews its own beer. For more on Flensburg’s seafaring past, head to the Maritime Museum.

The best restaurants and cafes overlook the beach with views of the Flensburg Fjord. The town also prides itself on its farm cafes, offering local produce and delicacies. There is no shortage of shops, with a three storey shopping centre with high street brands, quirky bookstores and furniture shops on the Nordenstrasse, and independent boutiques on Flensburg’s very own Fashion Mile.