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Lying 65km to the north-east of Frankfurt, Giessen enjoys all the benefits of being well connected to such a major city; the airport serves Giessen well with great services to international and domestic destinations. In addition, Frankfurt provides work and further study opportunities for many of Giessen's locals and student population. This connection means that both road and rail links between Giessen and Frankfurt are comprehensive; there is a direct train service every 30 minutes taking around 45mins, and the A5 motorway, which also links Giessen to destinations as far as Basel in the south-east, provides a direct road route to Frankfurt taking around 45 minutes. Note that this can be a traffic hot-spot so do leave plenty of time if travelling during peak hours in particular, when travelling times can easily double.

The station is not on the main ICE network and so it is InterCity, regional express and standard regional services which operate from there.

Rail Stations in Giessen

Gießen Oswaldsgarten 0.6 km
Gießen 0.6 km
Gießen Erdkauter Weg 1.8 km

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Germany rail map showing Giessen

Germany rail map showing Giessen
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