Göttingen Train Stations and Maps

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Göttingen lies in central Germany, nearly due south of Hannover, and is just off the main A7 motorway trunkroad which connects Füssen on the Austrian border in the south, to Flensburg on the border with Denmark and beyond. There is no nearby airport with Frankfurt and Hannover providing the closest, but despite shuttle-style links to both cities, these airports are still over 2hrs away.

Bahnhof Göttingen (which is the only passenger station serving the city) lies on the main ICE route leading east to west across Germany from Berlin (3hrs) to Frankfurt (1hr 45 mins), and also on the north to south route from Hamburg (2hrs) to Munich (4hrs). In addition to the high speed rail services to German cities, the station also serves many RB (Regional) route to local towns.

Major Rail Stations in Göttingen

Germany rail map showing Göttingen

Germany rail map showing Göttingen
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