Hof Germany

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Local languageGerman
Country Germany


This town situated roughly 500 metres above sea level is a haven for nature lovers. Surrounded by mountains and the Franconian Forest, it’s an ideal place for a relaxing break. Food and drink are very important here and there are several culinary specialities. Hofer Schnitz is a stew that typically uses up leftover vegetables and beef, while local sausages are grilled and cooked by street vendors known aswarschtlamanner, a profession particular to Hof. Residents are proud beer drinkers too, the town is home to no less than five breweries.

There are more opportunities for relaxation at the leisure centre, which has both outdoor and indoor pools as well as a sauna. Once you’re suitably refreshed you might want to explore places like the Bismarckturm lookout tower and Theresienstein Park, which has a maze dating back to the 17th century.

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