Husum, Germany

Rail Guide to Husum


The seaside town of Husum has plenty of maritime charm, from old fishermen’s houses to a restaurant on a ship. It had very unlikely beginnings, as a huge tide from the North Sea submerged the coastline in 1362, creating a harbour. Nearby residents decided to take advantage of this natural occurrence and founded a market square. Thanks to these entrepreneurial locals Husum has since became a trading port as well as a popular holiday destination.

The Wadden Sea mudflats, a vast area of grass meadows and salt marshes home to many animals, are a UNESCO World Natural site. But it’s not all about being outdoors,as the town has its very own cultural trail connecting 32 architectural and historical points of interest. These include the neo-classical St. Mary’s Church, the Maritime Museum which explains the town’s seafaring past from the Middle Ages to the present day, and the manor house that once belonged to King Frederick I of Denmark.