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As a town with such a chequered history, it is unsurprising that the central part of Koblenz is full of winding, narrow streets that retain the charm of centuries gone by.

The old fortress still stands proudly above the city and offers some of the best views in Koblenz. From here, visitors can marvel at the compact old town within the city walls and gaze into the distance at the newer part of the city that has been built to accommodate its ever increasing population.

To this day, the central old town remains the hub of activity, particularly for shops, caf├ęs and accommodation, whereas the modern city area on the outskirts is where visitors will find more of the industrial buildings that are now moving to the region.

Stations in Koblenz

Koblenz Stadtmitte 0.7 km
Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein 0.9 km
Koblenz Hbf 1.0 km

Germany rail map showing Koblenz

Germany rail map showing Koblenz
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high speed and fast intercity trains available
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