Krakow, Poland

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CurrencyPolish Zloty
Local languagePolish
Country Poland


Kraków had been Poland’s capital for 500 years until Warsaw was awarded this status following the country being awarded independence in 1918. Now Krakow is not such an administrative centre any more bu is one of the country’s largest and oldest cities and has always been one of the leading centres of Poland’s academic, cultural and artistic life.

The city is often referred to as Poland’s Cultural Capital and in 2000 it was even awarded European Capital of Culture. The countless restaurants, bars and clubs (it is said that Krakow’s town centre has more bars per square metre than any other town centre in the world) as well as the city’s 28 museums and public art galleries attract over seven million visitors every year.

Recommended places and events to visit in Krakow

Event (During July)
International Street Theatre Festival Various locations around Krakow