Le Havre France

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Local languageFrench
Country France


Le Havre suffered greatly during World War II, but its rebuilding led by the modernist architect August Perret, helped towards the city being deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. The Appartement Temoin is a show flat that demonstrates Perret’s vision for rehousing those who lost their homes in the war – homes with bright, spacious rooms in quiet neighbourhoods.

Fortunately gothic churches such as Eglise Saint-Martin and Chapelle Notre-Dame des Flots have survived; both are well-preserved, dramatic buildings. The Musee d’Art Modern Andre Malraux has works by artists who were raised locally such as Braques and Monet, while there are other museums devoted to natural history, archaeology and chocolate! Head to the docks area of Vauban for restaurants and shopping for famous brands.

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