London Train Stations and Maps

Main train stations and a country view rail map


St Pancras International Station, provides the train gateway to the rest of Europe via the Eurostar rail service. Both Paris and Brussels are astonishingly close by, with approximately 2.5 hours traveling time to either. Student discounts and apex tickets are available for those who want to steal an inexpensive few hours on the Champs Elysees!

Victoria Station is the main center for those arriving by coach. Connections are available to and from over 1500 destinations in Britain and Europe. When arriving by plane, both Gatwick and Heathrow (the two largest airports) offer several options for traveling into the center. The Gatwick and Heathrow Express respectively offer the most convenient though most expensive direct route into the center. The overland and tube are best for those traveling on a budget with regular, direct services into Victoria from Gatwick and Leicester Square from Heathrow.

Major Rail Stations in London

England rail map showing London

England rail map showing London
Line Colour Map Key
high speed and fast intercity trains available
normal train services available

London city map showing major stations

London city rail map showing stations

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