Lueneburg, Germany

Rail Guide to Lueneburg


Lueneburg in Lower Saxony, is located about 45km away from Hamburg and has a population of around 72,000. It is a vibrant university town but with its lavish 13th and 14th century churches, St John’s, St Michael’s, and St Nicolai, the beautiful baroque Main Square and the medieval monastery it also attracts large numbers of visitors from all around the world.

The “Stintmarkt” (Fish Market), a large open-air row of bars right by the water, is a popular spot in Lueneburg, but there are countless other charming cafés, bars and restaurants.

Shop in the city centre of Lueneburg, where there’s hardly any traffic due to the pedestrianisation of the centre, or relax in the salt spa: In the middle ages, salt, or "white gold“, turned Lueneburg into a rich and powerful city. Today, the ‘SaLü’, the city’s salt thermal baths are popular with visitors and locals alike.