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Niebüll lies on Germany's north-western tip almost on the Danish border. This makes the Esjberg ferry a very convenient route for visitors to arrive by. The ferry arrives overnight from Harwich in the UK and the Danish port lies just 1hr 45 minutes away by train from Niebüll. Also easy to reach from this town on Germany's fringes is the hugely popular tourist island of Sylt. This can be reached by shuttle train (Sylt Shuttle) from the dedicated station on Osterweg, approximately 200 metres from the main train station.

The station in Niebüll is in the heart of the main centre of the town which is all easily accessible on foot. Within 0.5km south-west of the station, you'll find several museums and galleries to explore to get your started on your visit!

Major Rail Stations in Niebüll

Germany rail map showing Niebüll

Germany rail map showing Niebüll
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