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Saarbrücken lies on the western side of Germany almost on the border with France, which explains some of it's historical difficulties being fought over between the two countries! Despite being on the geographical sidelines of Germany, Saarbrücken is well connected to the transport infrastructure of the country. It has its own airport with domestic services and some international services, primarily to holiday destinations. For a greater range of international destinations, Luxembourg airport is only 100km away as is Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport.

Saarbrücken lies at a near crossroads of several motorways including the A6 and A8 such that road travel is straight-forward; Luxembourg is 1.5hrs, Trier 1hr and Frankfurt under 2hrs away.

From June 2007 ICE high speed train services have stopped at Saarbrücken Hauptbahnhof for destinations to Paris in the west and Mannheim in the east. The city also benefits from having the 'Saarbahn' which is a model light rail that crosses the French–German border and connects Saarbrücken with the French city of Sarreguemines.

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Saarbrücken Hbf 1.1 km
Saarbrücken 1.1 km
Saarbrücken Ost 1.4 km

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Germany rail map showing Saarbrücken

Germany rail map showing Saarbrücken
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