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Local languageEnglish
Country England


Sheffield is a well known UK city situated in the county of South Yorkshire in England. The city's location has a history dating back to 12,800 years ago, a fact proven by the discovery of evidence of human occupation in an area in east Sheffield. Sheffield is one of the eight biggest English cities with a population of over 500,000. Perhaps best know for steel production during the 19th century, the cities roots in industry are clear to see. However, modern Sheffield has embraced a range of modern industries leading to a diverse city and workforce.

In terms of transport Sheffield is sat on the Midland Main Line, a line connecting the area to the midlands and London, and the Cross Country Route linking the city to the north and Scotland. To get around the city there are various bus routes and the Supertram system.

For visitors there are a wealth of attractions in the area. These include The Sheffield Walk of Fame (similar to the one in Hollywood, although this is more glamourous!), for animal lovers there is Heeley City Farm and Graves Park, for history and architecture fans there are over 1000 listed buildings in the city! If that's not enough to keep you busy the city centre offers excellent shopping, dining and nightlife.

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