Siena, Italy

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Local languageItalian
Country Italy


Siena, a captivating city in Tuscany, Italy, is a delightful destination for rail passengers. As you arrive at Siena's railway station, you'll be greeted by the charm of this medieval gem. Explore the historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its stunning Piazza del Campo, where the famous Palio horse race takes place. Marvel at the exquisite Gothic architecture of the Siena Cathedral and visit the fascinating Museo Civico to learn about the city's history and art. Stroll through the winding streets, lined with artisan shops and delightful trattorias, offering authentic Tuscan cuisine. Siena is known for its unique atmosphere and rich cultural traditions. Enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals and immerse yourself in the vibrant festivals and events that bring the city to life. From Siena, you can also venture into the picturesque countryside of Tuscany, visiting vineyards and charming hilltop towns like San Gimignano and Monteriggioni. Siena's timeless beauty, history, and enchanting ambiance make it a remarkable destination for rail travelers seeking an authentic Italian experience.