Stendal, Germany

Rail Guide to Stendal


The Saxon town of Stendal will appeal to anyone who likes the idea of spending a day roaming round a picturesque German village. The main sight is Tangermunder Tor, a brick gate tower that once formed part of a defensive wall. Other attractions of note are the Winckelmann Museum, named after Johann Joachim Winckelmann, the founder of archaeology, and the Landesfeuerwehrmuseum or Fire Brigade Museum.

Local transport

Stendal lies in central, eastern Germany approximately 100km to the west of Berlin. Rather off the beaten track, Stendal isn't directly connected to Germany's main motorway network, with Magdeburg on the A2 being the closest point at which travellers to and from Stendal can access a motorway, being over 50km away.

There is an InterCity service operating from Stendal's train station which has quick connections to Amsterdam, Hannover and Berlin amongst other destinations. Aside from that, only regional services operate, although there is a frequent service to nearby Magdeburg from where a more comprehensive rail service is available.

Although there is an airport in Stendal, this is for light aircraft and flight clubs and is not served by any commercial operators. Up until 2013, there were Ryan Air flights to nearby Magdeburg airport, however since 2014 Ryan Air no longer operates from the airport, so the nearest major international airport is Hannover some 100km away.