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Main train stations and a country view rail map


When arriving by train, the Central Station on the west side of Stockholm will be your first stop. Here you will find an accommodation office and the meeting point of all branches of the Tunnelbanan (the highly efficient underground train system) making travel to any point in the city simple. Language is no issue here, with near-perfect English spoken so widely, though a few words learnt in Swedish are always appreciated when used! Adjacent to Stockholm’s central station is also the main bus stop for those arriving via such means. All those arriving by coach, and airport or ferry shuttle services, arrive here.

The main tourist office is not located within the station but on Hamngatan in Norrmalm in Sverigehuset (Sweden House). You can however normally find small maps of Stockholm at all points of arrival and can also find a small tourist office at the Central Station. A trip to the main tourist office is still recommended as they offer you volumes of free and useful information - and possibly a slightly larger map (if you’re lucky!).

Stations in Stockholm

Stockholm Central 0.5 km
Stockholm 0.5 km

Sweden rail map showing Stockholm

Sweden rail map showing Stockholm
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Stockholm city map showing major stations

Stockholm city rail map showing stations

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