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Local languageSpanish
Country Spain


Situated in the heart of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline and overlooking the spacious Gulf of Valencia, the province of Valencia is the largest of the three provinces that make up the Valencian community and Valencia itself is Spain's third largest city.

Until the mid-nineteenth century, Valencia was surrounded by a wall. Today you can still see remainders of this 'Torres de Serranos' and the 'Torres de Quart'; some parts of the wall are to be found in the basement of the Valencia institute of Modern Arts. In the districts of Seu and Xerea, you can see relicts of Roman times next to Arab ruins, modern churches and palaces.

The city’s port is the biggest on the Mediterranean Western coast. Valencia’s main exports are food and drink, but furniture, ceramic tiles, fans, textiles and iron products are also important exports.

Originally, Valencia used to be an industrial city. That changed in the mid 90s, when the city started transforming into the vibrant Valencia you can see today. With its beautifully restored Serrano Tower and Quart Tower in the medieval city, the San Miguel de los Reyes monastery and the Carmen Quarter it attracts large numbers of tourists.

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