Wittenberg, Germany

Rail Guide to Wittenberg


Locals like to call Wittenberg “the cradle of the Reformation”, as this was where Martin Luther was born. Luther challenged Catholicism in the 16th century, when it was common to be condemned to death for any belief that strayed from the teachings of the church. It’s little wonder that he’s held as a hero and this quickly becomes evident to visitors. Luther House is the world’s largest museum devoted to the Reformation, and the Castle Church (now a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is where he hung his 95 Theses, the famous document that outlines his criticisms of the religion.

But there’s more to Wittenberg than its theological past; you can take a paddleboat or motorboat along the Elbe river and check out the Armory Museum. It’s also the hometown of Richard Z Kruspe, who fans of German industrial metal will know is the lead guitarist of Rammstein.