Wuppertal, Germany

Rail Guide to Wuppertal


At the home of the suspension monorail and the world famous Pina Bausch dance company, culture and industry co-habit comfortably side by side. It’s also the birthplace of philosopher Friederich Engels; his life and work are honoured at the Engelshaus Museum. To learn more about the town’s industrial heritage, there is the Museum of Early Industrialisation, which has tools and machines that are hundreds of years old.

As roughly two thirds of Wuppertal is green space, popular local pass times are cycling, hiking and jogging. There is a choice of forest, botanical gardens, the Nordpark with its deer, and the Hardt with the Bismarck tower among others. The monorail, which opened in 1901, is Wuppertal’s main mode of transport, travelling 12 metres above ground, completely undisturbed by traffic jams.