Wurzburg, Germany

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Local languageGerman
Country Germany


Situated in the Northern tip of Bavaria, Würzburg is the capital of Lower Franconia and is located right in the heart of the Franconian wine-growing region along the Main River. One of the famous sights of the city is the Residenz, a magnificient Baroque castle. The fortress Marienberg is another popluar tourist attraction, so are Würzburg’s many churches. Apart from architectural and historical must-sees, the city offers a large number of cafes, restaurants, shops, Biergärten, clubs and festivals, such as the Africa festival or local wine festivals. Especially in summer, Würzburg’s surroundings attract many visitors – there’s the river Main , the vineyards, the medieval town of Rothenburg just 30 minutes away and all the other idyllic small villages that surround this impressive univeristy city.

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