Things to do near Firenze Campo di Marte Station

Station location map and suggested things you can do a short distance away

Location map

Map showing the location of Firenze Campo di Marte

Suggested things to do near to Firenze Campo di Marte Station

Via della Mattonaia 51/r
You'll find slightly out of the ordinary things like sashimi on skewers at this dimly lit fusion restaurant.
0.7 km
Via Luigi Carlo Farini 2a
Kosher and vegetarian food is served at this eatery located right by the city's synagogue.
1.0 km
Il Pizzaiuolo
Via de' Macci 113r
For pizza, there is none better in Florence than than the Neapolitan pizzas they do at Il Pizzaiuolo.
1.1 km
Via dei Servi 30r
Bartolini is the place to stock up on Italian cookbooks and any implements you might need to prepare Italian food.
1.3 km
Via delle Conce 20/r
Moroccan and Mediterranean fare is on offer here, it's a little on the expensive side however.
1.3 km
Visitor Attraction
Casa Buonarroti
Via Ghibellina 70
Despite once owning this house Michelangelo never actually lived here, there are however a fair few works by him and other personal objects.
1.3 km
Enoteca Pinchiorri
Via Ghibellina 87
Sumptuously laid out, this Michelin-starred restaurant is expensive but has things like ravioli stuffed with stewed rabbit and lobster with pistachios.
1.4 km
Via dell'Oriuolo 19/r
This bar/club features hop hop, house, or commercial pop depending on the night.
1.4 km
Osteria De'Benci
Via de' Benci 13/r
Highly recommended, this osteria serves traditional Tuscan food.
1.7 km
Feast of San Giuseppe
Various venues around Florence
St. Joseph’s Day is commemorated in Florence, and all over Italy, with food, street processions, and oddly enough, donkey races.
1.9 km
La Beppa Fioraia
Via dell'Erta Canina 6/r
The focus is strong on meat and pasta dishes here.
2.0 km
High Bar
Via dei Renai 27a
Welcoming and unpretentious, there is an outdoor area and they serve snacks too.
2.0 km

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