Nice Riquier Station

Station location map and suggested things you can do a short distance away

Location map

Map showing the location of Nice Riquier

Suggested things to do near to Nice Riquier Station

Visitor Attraction
Palais Lascaris
15 rue Droite
This palace dates back to the 17th century, and is home to a wonderful collection of antique musical instruments.
1.4 km
Visitor Attraction
Caves Caprioglio
16 rue de la Prefecture
This expert wine shop has been open since 1901.
1.5 km
Visitor Attraction
Chapelle de la Miséricorde
cours Saleya
A highly decorative Baroque church complete with frescoes, gold columns, and a painting by Louis Bréa.
1.7 km
Visitor Attraction
La Ferme Fromagère
27 rue Lepante
Cheeses from all over the country are on sale here, as well as the ideal wines to pair them with.
1.7 km
Fete de Mai
Literally translated as “festival of May”, this event commemorates the history of Nice with music, exhibitions, food and kid’s entertainment.
Various venues around Nice
1.9 km
Visitor Attraction
Espace Harroch
7 rue Paradis
Designer clothes, furniture and homeware are on sale at this elegant store.
2.1 km
Visitor Attraction
Blue Beach
32 promenade des Anglais
This pebble beach is open all year round and there are plenty of watersports to entertain you.
2.7 km
Visitor Attraction
Parc du Chateau
east end of quai des Etats-Unis, Castle Park
This park is worth a visit for the magnificent views it offers over the old part of Nice.
3.0 km

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