April Fair (Feria De Abril)

A fantastic week of partying, dancing, drinking and frivolity

An antedote to the somber processions and events of Semana Santa, the April Fair (Feria De Abril) is a fantastic week of partying amongst the brightly coloured tents temporarily housed in the El Real de la Feria area of the city. Note that many of the tents are 'chartered' by private companies, individuals and societies, but around 20 are open to the public and are the centre of the drinking, talking, dancing and partying that takes place over the April Fair week. During the day people drive around the site and the streets in horse & carts, women dress up in traditional flamenco costume and men dress in Andalucian farmer's suits. If you needed any more, there are also fairgrounds, bullfights and special activites and events at local restaurants (especially tapas!) and cafes to keep you entertained!

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Getting to April Fair (Feria De Abril) by train

The El Real de la Feria lies to the East of the city centre, but is well connected by the C1, C2 and C3 onward services from Sevilla Santa Justa station, for example.

Transport connections near to April Fair (Feria De Abril)

Sevilla Transport: Various 1.2 km
Sevilla Santa Justa Transport: Trains 2.0 km
Sevilla San Bernardo Transport: Trains 2.2 km

Visitor information table

AddressEl Real de la Feria, Seville, Spain
Telephone+34 (0) 954 22 17 14
Dates April

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