Heidelberg Castle

One of the most famous castle ruins of the world and inspiration for countless poets and artists..

Heidelberg Castle (Heidelberg Schloss) lies high above the River Neckar in what is considered to be one of the country's most romantic locations, and as a result has provided countless poets, artists and commentators throughout the ages with inspiration for their work.

Though appearing romantic and serene today, this masks what has been a turbulent, near 800-year history for the castle. It's origins go back to around 1214 AD and it was then later expanded into two neighbouring castles in the latter part of the thirteenth century. In the fourteenth century the castle served as a centre of power for the Prince Electors of the Palatinate of the Rhine, part of the Holy Roman Empire. The Prince Electors were powerful secular rulers who governed this area of southern Germany.

The castle had many periods of bad luck, being damaged and destroyed on many occasions over the next few hundred years! The French attacked it in 1689 and again in 1693, it was attacked by a bolt of lightning in 1764, and in the eighteen century people used it as a quarry; taking stones for local houses and buildings.

Use the cable cars to reach the castle for an even more romantic and enchanting approach! The view are stunning over the old town and the river are certainly worth going for.

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