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Local languageGerman
Country Germany


Heidelberg is situated in the federal state of Baden Wurttemberg in south-eastern Germany. Lying on the Neckar river just an hour south of the important financial centre of Frankfurt, Heidelberg has always enjoyed a strong economy as a result of it's attraction as a tourist centre, status as a university town and since the second world war, as an American army base.

Heidelberg is a clear tourist destination, and once you've been you can see why. If the stunning architecture of the city as a whole with the 1.6km pedestrianized, cobbled streets wasn't enough how about the fantastic history the town enjoys; Heidelberg is home to the oldest university in Germany (founded in 1386) and the place where the earliest evidence of human life was found (the Heidelberg Man dated from around 1,000,000 years ago!). The city is further blessed with a beautiful baroque Old Town (which was largely untouched during the second world war unlike neighbouring towns such as Mannheim and Ludwigshafen), a castle of it's own and fabulous vineyards in the surrounding area.

This really is a beautiful city with lots to offer tourists, and one place not to be missed!

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Heidelberg Castle Schloßstraße, 69117 Heidelberg