Hluboka Castle (Zamek Hluboka)

Beautiful gothic castle just a short distance outside of Cesky Krumlov

A very beautiful casle set about 40 minutes journey away from Cesky Krumlov. Originally a gothic castle built in the 13th century, Hluboka Castle has been transformed and modernised throughout its long history. The castle's look is based on Windsor Castle in Great Britain. The Hluboka Castle is well worth a visit as it is a stunning piece of architecture with beautiful grounds, as well as being one of few castles in the Czech Republic that is also open in the winter.

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Nearest Train and Bus Stations to Hluboka Castle (Zamek Hluboka)

Hluboká nad Vltavou-Zámostí Train 2.0 km
České Budějovice Train 9.3 km

Visitor information table

CityCesky Krumlov
CountryCzech Republic
AddressBezrucova 142, Hluboká nad Vltavou, 373 41
Telephone+420 387 843 911

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