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Local languageCzech
Country Czech Republic


The beautiful medival town of Cesky Krumlov is situated in the southern part of the Czech Republic (Bohemia) and it lies on the Vltava river banks. Cesky Krumlov has managed to keep its historical charm and for this reason the town is now included in Unesco’s World Heritage List.

The first written historical refence to this town goes back to the 13th century. However settlements in this area are known to have been there since the Stone Age. The history of Cesky Krumlov is full of ups and downs. At the beginning of the 13th century until the beginning of the 17th century the town belong to a family of Czech Lords of Rozmberk and during this time it underwent major changes. Churches, houses and markets were built and the town itself had become very prosperous. However darker times came during the Thirty Year War. Normality returned in the 17th century and since then Cesky Krumlov has prospered under the influence of a new aristocratic family of Lords (Eggenberg family) and later the Lords of Schwanzeberg.

During the turbulent first half of the 20th century when many European towns and cities were caught in the midst of the World Wars, Cesky Krumlov managed to protect its historical status as there were no major disputes in its vicinity. Largely for this reason we can today still admire its truly spectacular beauty and important historical sites.

Things to do

Cesky Krumlov Castle (Zámek 59, ?eský Krumlov 38101) is the second largest castle in the Czech Republic. Originally a gothic castle extended and renovated through the years, it has become a great tourist attraction and there are now two guided tours to choose from.

Castle Tower: Although there are 162 stairs to climb up, the reward is the beautiful view when you reach the top!

Castle Gardens: With free entry into these barock gardens, you'll need a good excuse not to spend some time there.

Bear Moat at the Castle: Children will love to watch the bears swimming, playing and eating here. The tradition of keeping Bears in the castle dates back to 16th century.

Cesky Krumlov outdoor Theatre provides a unique opportunity to see either drama or opera in the summer-time in a special outdoor theatre with a unique revolving auditorium.

Fountains and Water places www.ckrumlov.info allows you to follow the trail of the street water supply through the courtyards and quiet corners of the historical steets. Admire the craftsmanship of the old water ducts and fountains.

Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations is a special opportunity to see historical costumes and visit the fair during this annual celebration of the town's history. Taking place on the third weekend in June each year, but the 2009 parade should be extra special as the town celebrates its 700 year since its founding.

Local transport

The railway station in Cesky Krumlov is situated about 30 minutes by foot from the historical part of the town, whilst the Coach station is only about a 10 minute walk away.

Local public transport runs from both railway stations; it's easy to get a bus which will take you to the beautiful, historical part of the town.

For a lazy way out you can always use a taxi company; try Krumlov Taxi on +42 (0) 800 712 800 / [email protected]

The company is reliable and they pride themselves on being the cheapest and biggest in town. Their cars are yellow in colour and so can easily be identified. They take online bookings and speak English, German and Czech.

Recommended places and events to visit in Cesky Krumlov

Event (During June)
Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations Námestí Svornosti 2, 38101 Ceský Krumlov
Visitor Attraction
Hluboka Castle (Zamek Hluboka) Bezrucova 142, Hluboká nad Vltavou, 373 41
Visitor Attraction
Ceske Budejovice
Visitor Attraction
Zelezna Ruda Skiing Špicák na Šumave, 340 04 Železná Ruda
Event (During September)
Day Without Barriers Various venues around Cesky Krumlov