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Local languageGerman
Country Germany


Spend your time in Aachen museum-hopping, eating out and relaxing at the thermal baths. The town is lucky enough to have 30 mineral springs, making it a popular spa destination. Another unique point is its location, right on the border where Belgium, Holland and Germany meet. Local restaurants reflect this, but also cater to international tastes with flavours from Japan, France and the Med.

You can also delve into Aachen’s history, which dates back to ancient times; it is believed the springs attracted the first settlements who used them as a site for rituals and worshipping the gods. Examples of medieval architecture remain dotted around the town, and the Couven Museum shows the interiors of typical middle class homes of the 18th and 19th centuries. The most opulent attraction is perhaps the 14th century Aachen Cathedral, home to the tomb of Charlemagne and a splendid marble throne made for the coronation of emperor Otto I.

Recommended places and events to visit in Aachen

Event (During November)
Aachen Carnival Rosenmontag Beginning at Adalbertsteinweg, 52001 Aachen