Aachen Carnival Rosenmontag

The culmination of Aachen's carnival season

Rosenmontag ("Rose Monday" in English) is the culmination of Aachen's carnival season, a hugely important event for the town that officially begins on November 11th. Taking place on Shrove Monday, it's not a Bank Holiday proper although schools are closed and colourful parades take place on the streets, covering some 5km of the town. Processions include floats that poke fun at topical themes, participants dressed as foot soldiers and the luxurious carriage of the carnival prince, while those marching throw tulips and sweets into the crowd. Grandstands are usually set up on the streets from which visitors can watch, and it's not unusual for plenty of alcohol to be consumed.

Location map

Map showing the location of Aachen Carnival Rosenmontag

Getting here by train

The Rosenmontag parade and festivities take place in the city centre, which is just a short walk (approx 500m) from the main train station, which lies towards the south of the centre.

Visitor information table

AddressBeginning at Adalbertsteinweg, 52001 Aachen
Telephone+49 1577 / 4444 556
Dates November
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