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CurrencyDanish Kroner
Local languageDanish
Country Denmark


Aarhus on the peninsula of Jutland, is the second largest city in Denmark (303,318 inhabitants) and is the principal port in teh country. The city offers many attractions, including the Old Town (called Den Gamle By), which is not an actual old part of Aarhus itself, but a collection of different historic buildings gathered from all around Denmark. You’ll also find many museums around the city, with the ARoS probably being the most famous one since it’s one of the largest art museums in northern Europe. The Tivoli Friheden amusement park also attracts many visitors; so does the Deer Park that is located in the large public forest nearby. Aarhus also hosts several well-known festivals and concerts such as the Aarhus International Jazz Festival or the Aarhus Festuge, the biggest festival in Scandinavia!

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Event (During July)
Aarhus International Jazz Festival Various venues around Aarhus

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