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CurrencyGBP (Pound Sterling)
Local languageEnglish, Welsh
Country Wales


Bangor, Gwynedd is one of the smallest cities in the UK with a population of around 14,000. Rather surprisingly Bangor is actually a University city and the university almost doubles the population with its 10,000 students! The city lies right on the North coast of Wales along the Menai straight which separates the mainland from the island of Anglesey.

Bangor grew out from the site of the original Bangor Cathedral. Built in the 6th century the Cathedral and its surrounding enclosure gave name to the city itself, Bangor meaning enclosure in Welsh.

As a university city Bangor has developed into an important cultural centre in North Wales. Classical music plays an important role in the city and there are regular university concerts at the cities music halls. The city also home to the Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery.

We'd recommend a visit but would suggest you explore the beautiful surrounding areas as well as take in all the sights of Bangor.

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