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Local languageGerman
Country Germany


If you thought Germany didn’t have any seaside resorts you’d be wrong; Binz, on the island of Rügen, boasts white chalky cliffs and sandy beaches. In fact, Binz was developed as a holiday resort in the 1870s, and so the pier, alcoves and villas are typical of 19th century architecture. The most picturesque places to stay are the Art Nouveau villas with views of the sea.

The Jasmund National Park is nearby, a splendid spot where sea, cliffs and forest collide, and the abundance of rare plants and fauna have led to it being deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also home to sponges, sea urchins and oysters. While you’re here, a visit to the Granitz Hunting Lodge with its 38 metre tower and observation platform is a must.

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