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CurrencyLeu (RON)
Local languageRomanian
Country Romania


Part of the Transylvania region of Romania, Brasov is an up and coming city that is centrally located approximately 160 kilometres from Bucharest. The population of Brasov is growing at a steady rate and is currently approaching the 300,000 mark.

The exact origins of Brasov are not known, but there is a definite mention of a settlement in the area in an ancient German document, where it is referred to as Terra Saxonum de Barasu (translates as Saxon Land of Baras).

It was not until 1918, when Transylvania became part of Romania, that the region became affiliated with the State of Romania. Following both World Wars, the area saw an increase in the numbers of Germans fleeing to neighbouring countries. This continued immediately after the Second World War, when the city became communist and many inhabitants travelled back to Germany to escape the regime.

During the 1950s, the city was named Orasul Stalin, after the Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin. This name disappeared in 1960 when the communist regime loosened its ties with Moscow.

Things to do

Visitors to Brasov will not be disappointed with the number of historic attractions in and around the city. One of the favourites is the Black Church, a gothic site dating back to 1477. Another church of note is Saint Nicholas Church that dates back to the 14th century and has been restored and maintained to perfection. Within the city centre, you will also find the First Romanian School and Jewish Synagogue.

For those prepared to travel beyond the centre of Brasov, there are plenty of fortresses worth visiting such as the nearby RĂ¢şnov Fortress. Not to forget the Bran Castle that is a must for all Dracula fans!

Local transport

Although Brasov does not have its own airport, the city is very accessible to tourists, thanks to its highly developed infrastructure of rail, road and other links. As well as the main railway that links Brasov with neighbouring cities such as Bucharest, there are local buses and trolleybuses that service the city itself.

The nearest airport is Bucharest and tourists can use road or rail to get to Brasov in a matter of a couple of hours.

These services are so efficient that there is little need for any additional transport. Local buses even run throughout the night, meaning that very few people choose to drive in the city.

Recommended places and events to visit in Brasov

Event (During August to September)
Golden Stag Festival Brasov City Hall, Brasov