Cambridge, England

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CurrencyGBP (Pound Sterling)
Local languageEnglish
Country England


Cambridge... home to the world renowned University and punting on the river Cam. If you're looking to see some of England's best architecture and immerse yourself in some culture then Cambridge is a must visit city on your European trip.

Cambridge is an unmistakably cosmopolitan city and is the kind of place any visitor can spend hours just walking around through the medieval streets, beautiful gardens and college courts.

There are a wealth of museums and art galleries and other cultural activities such as poetry readings, public lectures and theatrical performances are always running at one of the many venues throughout the city.

Cambridge manages to be home to this incredible history and culture but also functions as a modern city. There are plenty of pubs, restaurants and cafes to keep you well fed and the shops will keep even the keenest of shoppers busy for hours.

We'd recommend a visit to Cambridge on your European trip. It's best to book a hotel or hostel and stay at least one night here to the most from your visit.

Recommended places and events to visit in Cambridge

Cambridge Beer Festival Picture
Event (During May)
Cambridge Beer Festival Jesus Green, Cambridge
Cambridge Oktoberfest Picture
Event (During November)
Cambridge Oktoberfest Jesus Green
Cambridge folk festival Picture
Event (During July)
Cambridge folk festival Cherry Hinton Hall, Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge CB1 8DW