Dol, France

Rail Guide to Dol


The people of Dol (or Dol-de-Bretagne to use it's official name) have certainly had an interest in the dark forces over the years. Legend has it that Saint Michael fought the devil on the top of Mont Dol; another tale goes that in the 6th century a Welshman called Samson allegedly exorcised the demons from a lord’s daughter, and the land he received in return became the town’s first settlement. Continuing with the theme, if you visit the Cathedral you’ll see an ugly gargoyle which is meant to represent a particularly evil king. Superstitions aside, climbing to the top of Mont Dol is worth the effort for the spectacular views over Brittany. If your mountaineering skills aren’t quite up to scratch you can go via the staircase in the Notre-Dame tower. Back at sea level you can step back in time by visiting the medieval quarter, with its pretty winding roads and stone buildings.