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Local languageGerman
Country Germany


In ancient times Erfurt was a hub of commerce, today it’s just as important for its trade shows and broadcasting centres. Television channels ZDF and kid’s station KiKa are based here, as is the Thuringian Newspaper Group, one of the biggest newspaper groups in the country. Erfurt has had a long relationship with printed media, as the first printing press began production here in 1473.

For the sightseer there is gothic and Romanesque architecture, exemplified by the town’s many churches. The 16th century Kramerbrücke (Monger’s Bridge) is populated by quaint houses, some of which are now art shops; if you visit in June during Kramerbrückenfest the bridge hosts a street party with jugglers, minstrels and crafts. Check out the medieval buildings along Michaelistrasse by day, and return once the sun has set as this is where you’ll find Erfurt’s nightlife.

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