Freiburg Germany

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Local languageGerman
Country Germany


One landmark stands out in Freiburg more than others: Münster Cathedral. Completed in 1330, the tower’s height of 116 metres was an astonishing feat at the time, and it continues to dominate the skyline. Other buildings that add to Freiburg’s atmosphere are the 16th century red brick department store, the gate towers and let’s not forget the mini-canals that run through the old town. In 1977 horror

film director Dario Argento chose to film Suspiria here, with most of the action set in the House of the Whale, a suitably gothic townhouse.

Surrounding areas like Breisgau and Markgräflerland are wine growing regions, therefore Freiburg has many acclaimed Badische pubs, offering local food and wine.

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