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The centre of Leipzig is built around a market square which, although no longer hosting a market, is still very much the central hub of the city. Today, the central square is lined with boutique shops and cafes that tend to attract younger (or young at heart) locals and visitors. The central station is located within the old city, making transport particularly easy, as well as giving the sense of a geographical focal point for this beautiful city.

Outside the immediate central square, a ring road has been built in place of the old city walls, showing the divide between the old city and the expanded newer suburban parts of the city.

Train Stations in Leipzig

Leipzig Markt 0.2 km
Leipzig Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz 0.6 km
Leipzig Hbf (tief) 0.9 km

Germany rail map showing Leipzig

Germany rail map showing Leipzig
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high speed and fast intercity trains available
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