Leipzig, Germany

Rail Guide to Leipzig


A wonderful German city with approximately 500,000 residents, Leipzig is located on fairly low lying terrain, surrounded by the Rivers Parthe, Pleisse and Elster.

Despite its relatively small population, the city is spread across approximately 300 square kilometres and is, on average, only approximately 118 metres above sea level. Leipzig is actually best known for being the infrastructural centre of Germany; as such, it is often overlooked as a destination in itself which is a shame as this city has so much to offer!

Famous past residents of Leipzig include Bach, Goethe and Schumann.

Things to do

One of Leipzig’s main attractions is the Thomaskirche, which is the spot where Bach famously held organ recitals between 1723 and 1750, the year when he died. At the Thomaskirche, it is possible to view a range of memorials commemorating both Bach and his fellow composers. As well as the memorials to Bach, there is also an exhibition dedicated to the instruments that he and his contemporaries played. The Thomaskirche also hosts an annual Bach festival towards the end of May every year, which is well worth a visit for those interested in his music.

Leipzig is renowned for its fantastic food and wine and anyone visiting the area should take some time to enjoy the laid-back cafes and all that they have to offer. These can be found in the main square and surrounding area, but some of the backstreets also contain hidden gems!

Local transport

As a central transport hub, Leipzig is impressively well linked, particularly to other influential cities in Germany. Long-distance connections to other cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt run every hour, making Leipzig incredibly easy to reach.

Within Leipzig city centre, transport is dominated by a light rail system with a total of 13 tram lines that span more than 150 kilometres across and around the city. For those hoping to travel further a field there is an express train that runs between Leipzig Central Railway Station and the airport which takes less than 15 minutes.

Fares are remarkably well priced and easy to understand, with a one fare pays for all system for the central and suburban regions of the city.

Recommended places and events to visit in Leipzig

Visitor Attraction
Promenaden Haputbahnhof Leipzig Willy-Brandt-Platz 7, 04109 Leipzig
Event (During August)
Leipzig Water Festival Various venues around Leipzig