Mannheim, Germany

Rail Guide to Mannheim


Unlike most European cities Mannheim’s streets are laid out in a grid system, earning it the nickname Quadratestadt (City of Squares). The city centre’s square is also called Quadratestadt because of its design, and from here it’s easy to navigate towards Mannheim’s many attractions. There are three main museums: the Technoseum, devoted to society’s use of technology, the Kunsthalle with its collection of German and French painting, and the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums, four venues covering the arts, ancient history, world culture and archaeology.

Luisenpark is Mannheim’s prettiest park, and has a Chinese teahouse and garden as well as an open-air stage that hosts operas, plays and pop concerts. Sport is of huge importance here; there is a local ice hockey team, Die Adler (The Eagles), two professional football teams, and the Mannheim Tornados, who have won more baseball championships than any other team in the country.